Luca Cozzuto

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Luca Cozzuto
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Position Bioinformatician
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ORCID 0000-0003-3194-8892

Luca Cozzuto got a four year PhD in Molecular Medicine at European School of Molecular Medicine in 2009 ([1]) after a five years degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at University of Naples "Federico II" in 2004. During his degree thesis he studied the structure of chemically modified DNA quadruplex by using NMR together with molecular dynamics [2]. During the PhD he was involved in detection and characterization of bacterial RNA repeats showing a common secondary structure [3]. Here he learnt programming, database and website developing and a number of bioinformatics tools for detecting non coding RNAs, sequence clustering and sequence comparison. Moreover he was involved in the assembling and annotations of two bacterial genomes (sequenced by using 454 Roche platform)[4], in the analysis of chip-seq data (using data obtained by Illumina technology) [5] [6] [7] in giving bioinformatic support to biological research [8].

My work at the Bioinformatics Unit:

  • Assembly and annotation of genomics and transcriptomics data
  • Chip-seq, RNA-seq and clip-seq data analysis
  • Downstream analysis
  • Installation of genome browsers to display genome annotations
  • Giving training for biologists and bioinformaticians

Luca Cozzuto may be contacted by email at